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Landscaping & Grounds
Welcome to the Chevalle Landscaping & Grounds Committee
Our Vision Statement:

Chevalle Country Estates is a planned conservation community approved and supported by the City of Chaska and endorsed by the City of Victoria. We as homeowners and neighborhood associations are entrusted to preserve the trees, naturalized meadows, wetlands, ponds, and native grasses. Our commitment is to enhance property values and create a desirable and attractive environment for the benefit and enjoyment of all Chevalle homeowners.

Committee Description
Responsible for landscape oversight of common areas. Oversight includes grass mowing, prairie grass maintenance, sub-association island maintenance, tree and pond management, and the children’s park (note – this is a city park but will work with Chaska on any park issues). Responsible for seeking appropriate bids and budgeting for the work and overseeing vendor activities who perform the work. Works closely with the city of Chaska and Developer to ensure maintenance responsibilities for all areas are clearly communicated and properly executed among responsible parties. Manages snow plow issues, service, and responsibilities of Master Association and City of Chaska.
Committee Members:
Kathy Tinker (Talero) - Committee Lead (kathytinker@sbcglobal.net)
David Sill (Terra Vista)
Steve Agrimson (Pascolo)
Jeff Madejczyk (Pascolo)
Pep Persio (Talero)
Interested in joining this committee? Contact Nicole Doeden at Omega Management,
ndoeden@omega-mgt.com. Prospective committee members meet with the Master Board prior to joining the committee.
Recent Activity
June 2019: Replaced some landscape bed perennials that were lost over the winter. The Hackberry tree near the bridge that blew down as a result of one of the rainstorms will be replaced in the fall.
In 2018 we planted 25 new trees at the Bavaria/Grand Chevalle entrance, Grand Chevalle parkway, and the trail around the small pond. These new trees will add shade and value to our neighborhood. Three trees suffered a lot of stress shortly after planting and may not survive. The Landscape Committee will monitor and take action as needed.
In 2017 we developed a native planting area at the Bavaria/Grand Chevalle entrance, assisted by Minnesota Native Landscape. The prepping process included initial clearing of weeds, two herbicide applications, soil prep and then planting of seeds. The second herbicide application and additional work occurred in September 2017. In 2018, we have mowed the area twice which helps minimize seeds from weeds taking hold, thus giving the native plantings more opportunity to get established and take ownership of the soil. The development of a flowering native area like this can take a couple of years to be fully established and we thank homeowners for their patience and support of the project.
Did You Know?
  • Ponds, pond buffers and trails are owned by the City of Chaska. Pond levels are regularly monitored by the City and County to ensure pumps are operating correctly and water quality is okay.  Retention ponds are used to manage stormwater runoff from our lawns to prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality in adjacent rivers, streams, lakes or bays.
  • Many ponds contain duckweed which may be mistaken for algae. Duckweed is a healthy attribute of ponds and provides food and shelter for small habitat. There are no plans to treat the ponds for duckweed.  Some ponds also have a curly leaf pond weed that grows from the bottom and then later dies during the summer.  If you see brown vegetation near the top of a pond, this could be pond weed die-off. 
  • The children's park is owned by the City, it is not owned by Chevalle. It was built a few years ago with input from Chevalle homeowners. The open green space in the park is a planned amenity by the City as they like to have open areas in neighborhood parks for children to run and play.
  • Tree Trimming - A Common Question in Chevalle
    Homeowners are responsible for trimming their own boulevard trees to the proper canopy height over sidewalks. The Association does not provide (nor can afford to provide) this service. Per Chaska City Code (stated below), the tree canopy should be 8' or higher to allow the public to safely walk on sidewalks without the risk of being harmed. If you are in need of a tree service recommendation, feel free to contact Omega, our property management firm, and they will provide some names and phone numbers.
    Chapter 21, Section 03. - Heights of limbs above sidewalks.
    No person owning or occupying any property within the City shall allow any limbs which are less than eight (8) feet above the surface of any public sidewalk to remain.
    (Ord. No. 96, Sec. 4, 8/7/33)
Chevalle Common Area Maps
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